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A 2ml sample is sent with every 50ml bottle, so you can test your fragrance before opening. Shop your favorite fragrance here !


You can find our products on our eshop, and in our boutique located at 11, rue du Roi Doré, 75003, Paris.
From March 2nd to March 31st, we would be delighted to welcome you to our pop-up store located at 11, rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris.

Our brand name is a reference to the scientific name of olibanum resin, obtained from the Boswellia Sacra tree. Cultivated from Oman to Somalia, it is used since millenia for sacred or secular purpose, to communicate with gods or for human healing.
To symbolize our desire of simplicity, we chose olibanum, the original perfume, the perfect “back to the basics” raw material.

Our founder, Gérald Ghislain, considers that in order to be entitled to this frequent designation, one should not make perfume but plant potatoes! Ecological responsibility is hardly transparent in our industry, not short of obstacles. For example, why force ourselves to use a beautiful natural ingredient from the other side of the world when a clean and safe synthetic product can perfectly do the job for the fragrance with a lighter carbo footprint?
What we sure can, is doing our best, for example using lightweight bottles, not having a cap, or recycling cardboard for our packaging. Read more here.

Founder of the brand Histoires de Parfums, Gérald is an iconoclast entrepreneur. With Olibanum, he wanted to ‘strip’ perfume, coming back to the fundamentals of the raw material, simultaneously committing to humanitarian projects. Gérald loves olibanum resin so much that he wanted to “put it everywhere”. Because one never exaggerates enough, all the team went all in with him.

We work with L’Homme et l’Environnement organization which informs us about several communities around the world. But it is actually them (the communities) who choose us, as we only commit toward those who seek help and the way they wish to be helped. Read more here.

Through humanitarian associations, we help populations in need, if they desire it and in the way they desire it. Our first project has been conducted hand in hand with two organizations operating in Kenya. Read more here.

Yes, our perfume oils are macerated into an organic alcohol, which is to this day the best medium known for the best olfactive result.

No, they are not, it is part of the development charter we give to our perfumers. Animal testing testing is forbidden in the European Union (but not everywhere else).

Yes, as in the majority of perfumes since 130 years ago. That being said, we only use clean ingredients and no controversial components (like polycyclic musks). Furthermore, ‘synthetic’ does not mean “bad for your health”. Quite the opposite, as most allergens are contained in natural materials. Last but not least, using a synthetic ingredient can sometimes be better for the planet, as it allows not to overexploit natural resources.

Yes, our fragrances are vegan, but truthfully speaking, 95% of fragrances already are.

By striving to work with local partners, as Accords & Parfums in Grasse. Furthermore, having 50% lightweight bottles allows us to build a lighter and less polluting supply chain. Read more here.

Your empty bottle is totally recyclable, as its pump sprayer is screwable. We are currently working on a reasonable refill solution.

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