Cuir végétal

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An androgynous and monochromatic leather dried by Atlas and Virginia Cedarwoods. The scent to be seen during Fashion Week.

The scent to be seen during Fashion Week.


Reunion with a friend (that you want to impress a bit).


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What's leather (in perfumery)?

The leather note in perfumery is quite recent as it refers to the smell of the boots worb by Russian soldiers whose leather was proofed with birch tar. Leather usually has two facets, an animalic one made with castoreum or certain woods such as Atlas Cedarwood; and a smoky one created with pyrogenic essences such as cade, styrax or birch tar. Some synthetic materials such as IBQ or Suederal can amp up its texture, but we used Black Oud instead, known for its naturally… leathery smell.

The detail that makes the difference

Aetoxylon, or Black Oud, a cousin of the traditional oud bringing its leathery potency to the fragrance.


Composition set

A discovery set, by and for you. Listen to your inner voice and curate your own personal and evolutive scent signature by choosing 2 to 5 12ml bottles. You can wear them alone or try your hand at layering them, so that no one can wear the same fragrance as you.

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Committed tote bag

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What is the Olibanum Tote Bag for?
To carry your Olibanum fragrances of course, but also to participate in the brand’s commitment. In addition to being a 100% organic cotton bag woven in France, each sale made is entirely donated to one of the associations with which we are committed.

100% Cotton Tote Bag

Material: 100% organic cotton bag, woven in France.
Dimensions: 40 X 40 X 19 cm, two handles of 70 x3 cm
Weight: 300 gr, thick cotton.
Color: Ecru

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